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Jamie was destined to do radio when she picked up a Fisher Price tape recorder at 2-years-old and never quit talking. Following in her dad's footsteps, she grew up in and out of the studio and gained experience at her college radio station, which led to internships and her first, real radio gig, while still in college. You'll find her defending Taylor Swift and always questioning whether she should justify Justin Bieber's actions because that new album is no joke! Jamie's hobbies are "Netflix and chill," going to concerts, smooching her dogs more than her husband, chasing her 3-year-old in yoga pants that she doesn't work out in, and daily failing to break her addiction to social media.


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  • Is there anything cuter than a happy grandma? How about a happy grandma-to-be with zero chill after her daughter’s pregnancy announcement? Did I mention this is one of the most creative announcements I’ve ever seen? I’m happy for Grandma and the parents but also super jealous I didn’t think of this myself.
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