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Ted started in radio when he was a sophomore in college way back in the year 2012. Through his college years at Gannon University's radio station, 90.5 WERG, he was the host of the Tuesday Top 30, Music Director, and ultimately General Manager. Upon graduation in May 2015, he was offered the position of Assistant Promotions Dirtector at Connoisseur Media. Ted started on-air on Star 104 in November 2015. 


"Hey guys! My name is Ted and I'm a twenty-something dude who really likes music, movies, pizza, my friends, my girlfriend, my dog and memes. I've lived in Erie for a few years now due to my time at Gannon, but I'm originally from DuBois, PA. If you were to ask me to name a few random facts about my life, I'd tell you that:

  • I've seen pretty much all of my favorite bands in concert MULTIPLE times
  • I not only really like professional wrestling, I'm also a commentator, ring announcer, interviewer, and one time I refereed a match in a tornado
  • I really like The Simpsons, and yes, even the later seasons. I guess I'm just kind of sympathetic towards it because I've LITERALLY been watching the show since I was born. I even have two Simpsons tattoos.
So that's me in a nutshell. You can follow me on Insta @tedatnight or on Twitter @tedatnight"
Photos by Matt Fassnacht (IG: mfassphotos)

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