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What's Going On?
November 15, 2012
Things I've Learned

Colorful is just another word for crazy. I mention that because I want to share a quote with you that I got from a trucker while hitchhiking: "Taint nuttin' but pushin' 'n pullin'." I should probably just leave you with that and let your imagination decide what it's about but it was him giving me a lesson of sorts on driving a big rig. At least that's what he said about shifting when he stopped his 18-wheeler going up a fairly steep hill and asked me if I wanted to drive it. I declined but now and then I think about it and wish I had taken him up on it. By the way, that offer was made shortly after he reached back into his sleeper, pulled out a six pack and offered me a warm beer. He was very generous. And colorful.
Posted by Warvel at 9:00 AM
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