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May 21, 2014
Things I've Learned

So we were off the air for a while early this morning when our tower apparently got hit by lightning. I talked to Mark, the engineer, after he got back from fixing everything and he said the transmitter apparently got hit again while he was working on it. I guess it knocked him for a little loop but he laughed it off. I'm not sure I would have. I almost found out years ago when my buddy Doug and I decided to watch a storm system moving across the hills near Corning, N.Y. from the top of a tall metal fire tower atop one of the highest hills. It took one particularly loud thunder clap with a giant bolt of lightning hitting a hill across the valley before we quit our commentary of, "Whoa, man that was awesome!" and switched to, "Holy crap, we're next!" We went from zero to sixty switching from a very, ah, let's say, laid-back state of mind to pure adrenalin-fueled terror as we set a new fire tower descending speed record running down narrow, steep stairs while not touching the metal hand rails. If lightning had hit that tower I fear I might have been off the air for good. Then again, maybe I just would have had a new, radical, electrical socket kind of hair style like Mark. It was smokin!
Posted by Warvel at 9:00 AM
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