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What's Going On?
October 1, 2012
Things I've Learned

People shouldn't be punished for simply following human nature and doing what comes breathing or appreciating art or being drawn to empty roadways. I just read how the California Highway Patrol ticketed seven pedestrians for being on Interstate 405 where it was shut down because of construction work. That's just plain wrong! Two of the people were newlyweds who the authorities said "wanted to celebrate on the freeway." Of course they did. Who wouldn't want to mark the beginning of a new life together by strolling down an empty four-lane? But as a police spokesman put it, "Their wedding gift was a citation." How sad. One Christmas night, years ago, my best friend Doug and I found ourselves traveling down I-390 in New York State after a heavy snow fall. We were the only ones on it...not even a snow plow and the moon was bright so we parked perpendicular across both lanes and got out. Why? Because we could, that's why. How many times do you get to block both southbound lanes of a highway? Why do you think downtown summer events are so popular in Erie? 'Cuz you can lollygag as you stroll down the middle of State Street...drinking a beer! Am I the only one who understands the universe around here?
Posted by Warvel at 9:00 AM
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