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What's Going On?
January 16, 2013
Things I've Learned

I saw where the library in Iowa City, Iowa is considering a ban on sleeping in addition to the traditional ban on loud talking. Apparently it's the result of the homeless coming in just to sleep, but Library Director Susan Craig says it would be uniformly enforced, or as she put it, "If it's a 20-year old sitting there with a textbook in front of them and they're asleep, you treat them the same way you would as someone who is dressed in a less put-together kind of way, is slumped down in their chair and has their coat over their head." Hmmm...when I was 20 and falling asleep in the library at college I'm sure I was dressed in a less put-together kind of way. I do believe I was waked up more than once. (I snore.) As a matter of fact, I started studying in the student union just because it was noisier there and I could stay awake. As for the talking part, I'm sure Jessica would love to "Shhhh" me when I'm babbling to her while songs play. She thinks I'm just being annoying but I'm actually just trying to remain conscious.
Posted by Warvel at 9:00 AM
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