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    Today is Selena Gomez's 25th birthday, and she's said to be in a slight tizzy over the supposed "milestone." Personally, I don't know why people call it a milestone. By all means, have fun renting a car if that excites you, but I'm pretty sure she gets carted around everywhere. is saying Selena is freaked out that turning 25 makes her old. I know. I know. Let's all do a collective eye roll. Yeah, it seems like a ridiculous fear, especially when her career is bangin', she looks amazing, and she's dating The Weeknd. Does it get any better than that?

    I guess I'll forgive her for insulting me since I reached 25 a while ago. Happy Birthday, Selena! Hope The Weeknd gets you something fancy.

    Oh, and here's a peep of her Instagram, just to remind you how OLD she is.

  • It's a horror story with a happy ending! Dozens of strangers joined forces last Saturday to rescue a family that got trapped in a riptide.

    Roberta Ursey and her family were at Panama City Beach in Florida when she realized her sons were too far from the shore. The boys began to scream, so Ursey and her relatives swam to them but also got trapped by the current. With no lifeguard on duty, the situation escalated quickly, as more beachgoers struggled to help. At that point, nine people were fighting for their lives. That's when about 30 other beachgoers sprang into action and formed a human chain.

    Starting with children, each and every person was towed along the human chain and made it back to shore safely. One survivor, Barbara Franz (67), suffered a massive heart attack. She is awake and recovering in the intensive care unit.

    Check out some of these powerful pictures from the rescue. Amongst all the negativity in the world, it's amazing to see what average people can do when we come together to help others!

  • I've gone through two Fitbits now, and I admit I feel a tad superior sporting mine with my latest pair of LulaRoe's while sipping on a latte. I'm basic, and they are a great motivator to stay in shape. The question is, do I really need to drop 100-something dollars for a cheerleader that can't even accurately count calories burned? That's right! Here I thought I was creating a perfect calorie deficit to drop a few pounds, but Stanford University School of Medicine just proved that to be a big FAT joke (pun definitely intended). They did this in-depth study on seven popular fitness trackers, and while many of them were accurate at tracking heart rate, they were a hot mess at tracking number of calories burned. The most accurate device, the Fitbit Surge, was off by an average of 27%. The least accurate, the PulseOn device, had a whopping 93% margin of error. Yikes! Other devices tested included the Apple Watch, Basis Peak, Microsoft Band, Mio Alpha 2, and Samsung Gear S2.

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    Is there anything cuter than a happy grandma? How about a happy grandma-to-be with zero chill after her daughter’s pregnancy announcement? Did I mention this is one of the most creative announcements I’ve ever seen? I’m happy for Grandma and the parents but also super jealous I didn’t think of this myself.

    Watch Ashley spill the beans to her mom, Wendy, with a homemade game of MadGab. And in case you’re living under a rock, MadGab is where you read a bunch of nonsense over and over out loud until you realize you’re saying an actual phrase.