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Planning my Dream Wedding....I tracked down the bride!
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You may remember I told you about a friend of mine, Michele, who has attended two weddings at the Foxburg Inn(the venue where we are holding the wedding and reception.)  She told me that one was REALLY nice and the other was just okay.  The bride at the "really nice" wedding is a mutual friend, and I was able to get a hold of her for the details!

Unfortunately, her wedding was 10 years ago when the location was under a different owner so I'm not sure if I will have the same options she had back then.  She was able to close down both the inn and the restaurant next door for her wedding.  Although I have reserved the entire inn for guests, I don't think I will be able to rent out the entire restaurant as well, but at least now I know to ask if it is possible.

Also, she had a fireworks display during the reception, because they new some people wiith a camp across the Allegheny river.  She did give me the name of the firework company, so even though I don't know anyone with land near there maybe the firework company will have a suggestion.

Luckily the bride is also a florist who has provided flowers for many weddings at Foxburg Inn, so she also gave me some tips on what she does for her clients which included flower displays for the reception tent and additional lighting for inside the tent.

She also made me realize I will have to create two separate invitations.  The courtyard where we are holding the ceremony can only hold 20 guests which will be reserved for family and close friends.  Therefore, the rest of our guests will be invited to just the reception.  All of our guests will have the option of reserving a room at Foxburg Inn.

Next on my agenda.....Save the Date magnets!  

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