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Jessica has been waking Erie up for over 16 years. When she’s not in the studio, she loves spending time with her hubby ”Denny Crane,” her son Dakota, and her friends! She proudly wears the title “Doxie Mama” and adores her two mini wiener dogs Andy and Opie! Some of her favorite activities include working out, golfing, “Shamelessly” watching Netflix and she’s still a fan of The Walking Dead!  She’s also a big fan of cute purses, cuter shoes, Blue Moon, hot wings and wine!

Tim Murphy moved to Erie to join Star 104 in 2015. He lives with his wife and 2 kids in Millcreek. He likes devouring movies, TV and strong coffee or local craft beer, depending on the time of day. He dislikes cutting his lawn and his facial hair. When he’s not talking on the radio he’s either writing in the third person, napping, carting the family to another local festival, restaurant, attraction or event, or talking on his Seinfeld-centric podcast “No Hugging, No Learning” which he co-hosts with Star 104’s own Ted Hallowell.

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Jessica & Murphy's Blogs

Jessica and Murphy Blog 2018

Coming Up Friday January 11th….

6 am:  Professional organizer, Marie Kondo is huge on Netflix right now!  We’ll have her top 5 tips to knock out the clutter  and organize your home at 6:25! 7 am:  It’s a brand new Playlist Playoff tomorrow morning at 7:05! 8 am:  Tell us how the loss of a pet effected other pets in…More Info

Jessica and Murphy Blog 2018

Coming Up Wednesday January 9th….

6 am:  Sassy will be in to whine about moving in Whine About it Wednesday at 6:25! 7 am:  Get advice from the I-phone personal assistant, Siri, in Sirious Advice at 7:25! 8am:  We’ll introduce you to a dog who needs a “Furever Home” in Adopt A Pet Wednesday at 8:50!More Info

Jessica and Murphy Blog 2018

6 am:  We compare the sanitized versions of Star 104 songs on the latest edition of Kidz Bop at 6:20! 7 am:  It’s a brand new series of Playlist Playoff at 7:05! 8 am:  Tell us about the time you drove off with something on the roof of your car at 8:05!More Info

Jessica and Murphy Blog 2018

Coming Up Thursday January 3rd….

6 am:  When did you get so many gifts with one them, that you overdosed on them?  Tell us at 6:20! 7 am:  If your still struggling with the aftermath of Christmas, you won’t want to miss our “Still Dealing with Christmas” parody at 7:25! 8 am:  Tell us about the time you lost a…More Info