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    There's security cam footage of a man in San Francisco walking onto the subway tracks and then lying down. But what happened next is why it's going viral.

    Some people waiting on the platform jumped onto the tracks and started lifting him to safety. And some other passengers ran along the platform waving their arms to get an oncoming train to stop.

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    You never thought there would be sequels to some of these movies but guess what?!?!

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    Get ready to go back to the Upside Down.

    The highly anticipated return of the Netflix series "Stranger Things" finally has a premiere date!!

    The show dropped a new promo poster and video online, and the cast has been teasing the new season all day, officially premiering October 27th.

  • The BIG announcement came at a rally at Erie Veterans Memorial Stadium on Friday at noon… the new Erie High School mascot will be the ROYALS and the school colors are PURPLE & GOLD!


    Over 2,500 students and members of the community participated in an online survey to decide the new mascot and colors. The Erie High School Royals will make their official debut in the upcoming new school year!


    Truthfully… I was kinda hoping for the Erie Centaurs, just cause I would have loved to seen that mascot at pep rallies, but I LOVE the Erie High Royals!