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  • It’s a good one! crunched ten years of sales data and broke down each state’s favorite Halloween candy. So what treats wins for the Keystone State? M&Ms – a solid choice! Skittles came in second with Hershey’s minis rounding out the top three. Here’s where you can get more deets on how this was figured out… and peep faves of other states, too!

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    Okay, so recently Queen of Twitter, Chrissy Teigen tweeted that she needed six brown bananas for a recipe and offered up hubby John Legend’s underpants in return… and yes, a fan delivered! Well, here is the recipe she used and IT SOUNDS DELISH! Carbs shmarbs, gluten shmooten! Get in my belly right now!

  • You’ve likely read memes about “spoiled” Millennials eating avocado toast for breakfast in their urban rentals because Baby Boomers ruined the economy and they can’t afford houses. With the constant back and forth between these two generations, we often forget the one in between… Generation X.

    Gen Xers are described as those born in the early to mid-sixties through the late seventies to early eighties. Some dates vary, depending on the source. But it’s almost like this generation is nonexistent in the Boomers vs. Gen Y wars!

    But specifically, what about those of us who are on the cusp? Do you feel like you don’t quite fit squarely into either the Generation X or Millennial box; perhaps you sort of piecemeal “traits” from each?

    We are what they call a “microgeneration.” And if any of these things sound familiar, you’re one of us! Did you record Debbie Gibson and Tiffany songs off the radio on cassettes in the eighties? Do slang phrases like, “As if!”, “talk to the hand”, or “No way? Way!” make sense to you? Maybe you cried that time your mom forgot to set the VCR to record the season finale of Friends that one year. (This happened to me). Back then, there was no internet or DVR to “just watch it later.” I pouted for like a week. But at least I didn’t have to worry about seeing spoilers on Facebook (LOL)! I guess I eventually caught the rerun… and it’s moot now that I’ve seen the entire series a billion times. But, I digress.

    Your childhood computer (from Radio Shack) had floppy discs, Solitaire, and a dot-matrix printer. And you were likely in high school or college when you got your first cell phone and it was a big deal! We embraced technology in our twenties.

    Sound familiar? Chances are you were you born between the years of 1977-1983. It’s the aforementioned “microgeneration” at the tail-end of Gen X and the very start of Gen Y (Millennial), aptly deemed “Xennials.” There are several blogs that have been written about us and every single time I read one I scream, “YES! I finally fit somewhere!”


  • This tiny house is equipped with Alexa, and with that includes all types of commands you can give to Alexa so it can control your mood. Basically, in an instance, you can tell her to Netflix, and the lights will automatically dim down while Netflix comes on your tv.

  • What team? Wildcats!

    If you were obsessed with the High School Musical trilogy back in the day like me, you gotta watch this! An HSMsuperfan put together some clips of projects that the cast has done since to create a mock “trailer” for a fake High School Musical4 movie!

    They call it, Once a Wildcat: A High School Musical Story and it appears that the movie would inevitably catch up with Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, and the gang ten years later. This fan nailed it – so creative! Like I want to see this movie! Now I’m gonna go listen to “I Gotta Go My Own Way” and cry because of feels! And ZEFRON!

    h/t: Seventeen

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    In this clip, Rebecca and Randall share an emotional moment! Get the tissues ready!

    The new season returns September 26th!

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    Premieres on the VMA's this Sunday Night!

    Official #LWYMMDvideo world premiere. Sunday 8/27 at the @vmas.

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    Adam Lambert Has New Music 'In The Works!' Fresh off the North American leg of the Queen Adam Lambert tour, the ridiculously handsome 'Ghost Town' singer hit Out Magazine's Out Power 50 gala and talked to Too Fab about what's next! This is a link to

    On his new music: I have new music in the works! It's being mixed and finalized and conceptualized. I'm still trying to figure out how and when I'm gonna drop it. (OMGGG!) On being on a short break from the Q AL Tour I got home three days ago (at press time) and I'm just taking a breath. I got my dog [Pharaoh] from my dad's house down in San Diego, so that's been kind of the highlight of the week.

    On latest single 'Two Fux' It was inspired a lot by Freddie Mercury; his spirit and his rockstar attitude. And I'd recorded it for my project on the horizon, but I just decided to put it out early ahead of the tour with Queen and people are loving it! This is a link to

    On the reboot of American Idol: I do love American Idol, obviously, the show gave me my start. And I had an amazing experience on it. I think Katy's gonna be a great judge on it and I can't wait to see what they do with the show to revamp it! I am READYYY! Gimme ALL THE ADAM VOCALS! He always slays my pants off. Also, Adam saying words is gahhh!

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    Have you found any colorful rocks around your community? Maybe they boast an inspirational message or resemble a cute animal! They are popping up everywhere! From Jacksonville to Buffalo, it seems every city is talking about the latest way to spread positivity and love... and that's something everyone could use these days! If you haven't found your local rock painting group, you're missing the fun! It all started via The Kindness Rocks Project! And its goal is simple - to make people happy! And all you have to do it paint rocks and hide them! And if you find them, you can either keep them or re-hide them! And here's why it, well, ROCKS!

    1.) You can get creative! I'm legit ready to stock up on art supplies and make a huge mess at the kitchen table just like I did when I was a kid! My sister got a head start on me, so I spent last Saturday afternoon making a mess on HER kitchen table, LOL!

    2.) You can empower someone! Share a message of motivation, inspiration, solidarity, strength or love!

    3.) You can giggle with your siblings like back in the day! We had so much fun hiding our rocks! We laughed about literally everything!

    4.) It keeps you busy! It is seriously the best escape from reality and got my mind off of all things adulting!

    5.) It keeps YOUR KIDS busy! I don't have kids, but it is certainly keeping my friends' kids busy as summer winds down, and your patience is wearing off, LOL! Painting, hiding, and finding -- they'll love doing it all!

    6.) It's exercise! You can rack up some steps on your Fitbit when you go out hiding and finding!

    7.) It's HAPPY! It's amazing how something so simple can brighten someone's day!

    So get your materials, find your community's Facebook group, and get ROCKING!

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    I am way too excited about this!

    Remember TGIF back in the day? The epic lineup is coming to Hulu! Get ready for Full House, Family Matters, Step By Step and more!

    I’m especially excited about Step By Step as that show has sort of disappeared from television syndication, so that’ll be fun to see again! Remember cousin Cody? LOL! Commence the Binge-Fest starting September 29th! You got it, dude!

    More details here!