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  • Nope, Nope, and HECK NOPE! Australia certainly has some interesting wildlife, but the Huntsman Spider? Yeah, I’m pretty relieved they are on another continent clear across the world!

    These spiders are large af and basically the stuff of nightmares. There’s a video floating around featuring one of these eight-legged monsters trying to consume a MOUSE whilst dragging it across a fridge door. If this video shows up in my feed one more time, I’m marking it as offensive! LOL! Oh, and the guy who found him named him ‘Hermie.’ How adorable.

  • Ready to get your binge on? Lots of great stuff is coming to Netflix in June! We’ll meet the Litchfield ladies back where we left off with in Season Five of Orange Is The New Black! Disney’s Moana arrives June 20th!

    And if you love a fun rom-com throwback, one of my faves, 13 Going On 30 returns next month, as well!

    Plus we’re getting a bunch of new Netflix originals! Here’s the complete list!

  • Courtesy Of Youtube

    Wow! This is scary! A little girl and her family were in Canada, enjoying a visit with a seemingly friendly sea lion… until the animal jumped up from the water and pulled her in! Another bystander jumped in and rescued the child and no one was injured.

    Sea lions generally don’t strike me as aggressive, so s/he probably thought she had food or a treat.

    Either way, how frightening; we’re glad no one was hurt! Read more at Your Erie

  • I’m so excited to reunite with these characters to whom we said goodbye in 2006! (Has it been eleven years already!?!)
    This teaser is fun! It even includes a musical number… and yes, Karen has a drink! LOL!

    Who’s gonna watch this fall??
  • Why is Harry Styles so cute?

    In case you couldn’t stay up sooo late to watch, here are a couple of highlights from his week-long stint on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

    And yes, they will be doing Carpool Karaoke later this week!

    For now, here’s his performance of ‘Sign of the Times’

    And here’s where he and James drank tea and threw fruit at each other.



  • Need a little taste of the holiday season in the middle of the year? Need a weekend getaway?

    Starting in June, you can hop over to Cleveland and stay at the official house from the ubiquitous classic, A Christmas Story!

    Just make sure not to shoot your eye out or get your tongue stuck to the flagpole!

    Read more here!

    -Lisa Gold, Star 104

  • Courtesy Of Youtube

    While the cast and crew of This Is Us have yet to officially return to work on highly anticipated second season, we already have a trailer teasing the NBC breakout hit's fall return.