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Star 104's Cash Cars And Stars!
Star 104 is giving YOU the chance to win a Honda Civic Coupe and $500 in cash! All you have to do to win is call the station and correctly guess which 5 star...
Star 104 2k A Day In May
Star 104 is giving away free money EVERY DAY in May! To win all you gotta do is listen to Star 104, and call in when we play the "cue to call" sounder. We wi...
Cash Cars & Stars
Star 104 is offering up a brand new Ford Fiesta with $2000 cash in the glove compartment! You have to identify the five "imaginary" Stars who are inside the ...
Harlem Shake with the Star 104 Crew
Star 104 Pic Ur Perfect Wedding 2010
Star 104's Pic Ur Perfect Wedding - Randy and Amanda get married at Splash Lagoon
King and Queen of Presque Isle
The King and Queen of Presque Isle competition took place at Beach 6 on Saturday, July 24th.
King and Queen of Presque Isle
The King and Queen of Presque Isle competition took place at Beach 6 on Saturday, July 24th.
King and Queen of Presque Isle
The King and Queen of Presque Isle competition took place at Beach 6 on Saturday, July 24th.
Star 104 Sink or Float Giveaway
June 18, 2010: Star 104 Sink or Float Giveaway at Fiesta Pools
We had a ghost on the show with us! Can you hear him?
Make-A-Wish Foundation and Star 104 Light Up a Child's Life
Carly--adopt her at the Erie Humane Society
Star 104 Pic Ur Perfect Wedding 2009
Maggie and Mike get married in Star 104's Pic Ur Perfect Wedding 2009.
Warvel and Curry
Do women really like men in sports cars?
Take some notes from this book How to Talk to Girls written by a nine year old boy
Jessica's favorite Holiday traditions.
Star Contest1
Star Contest5
Nice at Nine
Jessica's hot pink undies are the HOT topic during this massage session.
BFF Shopping Spree
Jessica's BFF winners go on a shopping spree.
Star Contest4.mpg
Star Hinder Contest 4
Itchy Nipple
Warvel's favorite Holiday traditions.
star 1103
Star Contest3
New Ride at Waldameer
Fashion Friday
Valerie Weaver
Mule Power
Warvel and Curry wanted to know what from your childhood should have embarrassed you, but didn't because you were too young to realize that it was embarrassing.
Who has the happiest first name?
See if your name is in the top five happiest or unhappiest names. FYI: The happiest names are Joshua and Judy. the unhappiest names are Ben and Lynn.
The Little Girl that Scared Warvel
How to Tell if He is Just that Into You!
How do you look today compared to how you looked in high school?
Jessica found a way to get the brutal honest truth....from her son, Dakota.
How to teach your dogs to speak!
celebrity star watch
adopt a pet
Proof Jessica works way too much!
How to Make Love Everlasting
5 simple steps
One of Life Greatest Mysteries Solved!
Where belly button lint comes from!
How to get your kids to eat their Veggies
Warvel's Joke
Sin City
When it comes to the seven deadly sins greed, pride, wrath, sloth, gluttony, greed, and envy find out which ones men commit and women commit the most!
NYNY Trainer
A New You for a New Year
Meet Jessica Nixdorf!
Edinboro Students Sleeping Out in the Cold
Meet Tyler Infield, one of the Edinboro students sleeping in a box on State Street to raise money for the Second Harvest Foodbanik. Drop off your donations right outside the Boston Store before February 22nd!
New trend in Restaurants
How to Become a Man Magnet
Single ladies.....Jessica gives you some tips...and Craig agrees...that can make you a man magnet. Be sure and try them out at this Friday's Meet Market at the Cellblock..
A New You Progress
Which profession get the most and least "action?"
Answer: real estate agent
Beware dating can make you fat!
parental love
Oldest Man Myth Debunked
Ty's Music Review January 28,2009
Ty's Music Review with Guest Host Jessica. It's Ne Yo vs. Flo Rida. Pick your favorite new track.
Meet "Buckets" from the Harlem Globetrotters
David Warren
Get details oin this week's Erie Auto Show!
The Moron Test
Craig and Jessica each missed three. See how many you get right!
Meet the New You for a New Year Trainer
What Guys do at Deer Camp
Do these jeans make my butt look good?
Jessica's formula for getting your jeans to fit perfectly!
Star Bridal Showcase 2009
Star 104's Bridal Showcase Fashion Show at The Bayfront Convention Center, January 11 2009
Are you secretly racist?
Things Women Stress Over; Men Could Care Less About
How Old Your Car is in People Years
Get the formula here!
Can True Love Last Forever?
Adopt a Pet Wednesday
Find out who's more of a man....Craig or Jessica?!
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