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12am - 5am

Fairview, PA

Dating Status

Where'd Ya Go To School
Fairview High School (I was the Fairview Tiger my senior year) and Gannon University

One Thing People Are Surprised To Know About Me
I only drive with my left hand.

In High School I Was Voted "Most Likely To..."
have a career in radio? :) Actually, my school didn't vote on anything.

Favorite Toothpaste
Classic Crest

"When I Was Younger, I Got In Trouble For..."
Sneaking around with the boys! Shhh! My mom still doesn't know ALL the stories!

If You Opened Up My CD Player, What 5 CD's Would You Find
Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Luke Bryan, Barry Manilow, and the Camp Rock 2 Soundtrack (as you can see, my tastes are all over the place! And my little girls claimed the last spot in my disc changer!) ;)

Jobs You Had When You Were Younger
I rented boats at Presque Isle and pumped gas at the gas dock at the marina on the pennisula.

Most Embarrassing Radio Moment?
I needed to say the word "funk"... let's just say it came out as something else!

When They Make A Movie Of Your Life, Which Celebrity Will Play The Part of You?
Allison Sweeny (from Biggest Loser and Days of Our Lives).