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Star 104

  • In honor of Solo: A Star Wars Story hitting theatres today...

  • Don't let the name fool, this is hopefully going to be something that I won't keep up with.

    I don't feel sick, BUT I don't have a voice right now. In fact, I'm squeekier now than i was when I was 13.

    Because of this, I'm not able to be on the air right now.

    I mean I could be on the air, but I would literally be whispering to you...and I'm not trying to be weird like that.

    I'll talk to you next week...hopefully.

  • If you're like me, you're kind of paranoid lately about the news of Facebook giving all of your personal data to third party apps and developers.

    If you've ever clicked "Login with Facebook" when you're signing up for something (as opposed to just making a new account), then there is someone or some company that has access to your personal data.

    I'm guilty of it too, but I had no idea just HOW MANY apps had access to my data. I thought it was like a dozen or so...


    So go into Facebook, click "Settings", click "Apps" and there will be a list of everything you've ever granted access to your information.

    From there you can delete apps or edit the stuff ones you want to keep are allowed to have access to.

    Unfortunately though, any information that these apps have already collected, they're probably going to keep. But at least they won't get anything new from you.

  • It's been out of the news for about a month now, mostly because smart people are trying make sure it doesn't go away.

    If you're still uncertain about what Net Neutrality is...Burger King is gonna explain it with Whoppers.




  • I was reading an article from an ABC station in Austrailia, where there was a group of high school students who did a study on the history of prices that homes had sold for on different streets throughout their area.

    Alright, that sounds really boring...but that wasn't the sole purpose of the study.

    These kids found that hosues on streets with funny names, for example Wanke Road or Fanny Avenue, sold for an average of 20% LESS than houses on adjacent streets to them. That 20% came out to an average of $140,000 SAVED, all because people don't want to live on a joke street.

    And this got me thinking...

    Are there any names like this in Erie? There's got to be...right?



    Right off 26th and Sterrettania, you can go drive on Butt.

    So if anybody who lives on Butt decides to sell their house, you can bet that it won't cost nearly as much as a house on Greeley Avenue or Angle Street.

  • The title is pretty much self explanatory. 

    Telling people not to set off fireworks over the Fourth of July is basically like telling a dog to not be adorable, it's not gonna happen.

    BUT...there are ways to not blow your fingers off with a firecracker.

    I'm looking at you, Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants!

    (sidenote: Google photos of that dude's hand with EXTREME caution)


    Happy Fourth of July, I will be setting off some fireworks from a safe distance.

  • For REAL Simpsons fans only...

    Okay maybe not, but why do I love this video so much?! Is it because I AM a huge fan of The Simpsons? Is it because Lil Yachty is one of my guilty pleasure artists? Is it it because of Jimmy Fallon's dead eyes through the entire video? 

    Let's just go with all of the above.

  • Whenever you were a kid and you were reading one of Dr. Seuss' books, like Green Eggs and Ham or The Cat in the Hat, did you ever get the urge to want to visit whatever world these characters live in?

    I did...and now you can!

    The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss is a new museum that opened this past weekend in Sprinfield, Massachusetts, that celebrates the literary works of my favorite childhood author that I shared the same name with, Theodore Geisel.

    Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno said that the museum is expected to draw about 100,000 visitors annually, and I'll definitley be one of them if I can ever get up to Boston!