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Houses are cheaper on streets with funny names
If you want a deal on a house, find the most ridiculous street name possible and look there.
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I was reading an article from an ABC station in Austrailia, where there was a group of high school students who did a study on the history of prices that homes had sold for on different streets throughout their area.

Alright, that sounds really boring...but that wasn't the sole purpose of the study.

These kids found that hosues on streets with funny names, for example Wanke Road or Fanny Avenue, sold for an average of 20% LESS than houses on adjacent streets to them. That 20% came out to an average of $140,000 SAVED, all because people don't want to live on a joke street.

And this got me thinking...

Are there any names like this in Erie? There's got to be...right?



Right off 26th and Sterrettania, you can go drive on Butt.

So if anybody who lives on Butt decides to sell their house, you can bet that it won't cost nearly as much as a house on Greeley Avenue or Angle Street.

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