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  • So I had to undergo a hospital test yesterday that I’ve already had at least three times.  It involves getting a CAT scan after they inject dye into your spinal cord.  Before the doctor came in I told the woman prepping me about the first time I got one.  That first doctor prefaced the shots by saying, “this will feel like a bee sting.”  That was the worst thing he could have said.  I HATE bee stings.  After noticing that I was gripping the table so hard my knuckles were white, he told me to try and relax and not be so tense.  The woman yesterday said, “It’s a good thing you mentioned that because this doctor always says that, too.”  I took that to mean he wouldn’t be bringing up bee stings.  A moment later, he came in and said, “I hear you don’t like bee stings.  I only say that because these shots are just like bee stings.  You get that first pinch of pain followed by a burning sensation.”  Thanks for elaborating on what I hate.  What kind of person does that?  Well, I’ll tell you.  It’s a person like me.  Several years ago a friend of mine was getting ready to take her first ever plane trip and she was scared of flying so I figured it would be great fun to go on, at length, about every worst case flying scenario I could think of.  It was pretty funny until I noticed she was crying and even I was bright enough to know it was time to shut up.  Obviously the lesson here is that I need to start crying around doctors and bees.  And Girard students.  (They’re Yellow Jackets.)  And Beyonce. 
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