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  • Star 104 has your chance to milk "Moolah the Cash Cow"!
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  • Whether you just want to get into shape or you have an ex that you want to make extremely jealous...Star 104, iRock Fitness and Level Red Boxing want to help you get that revenge bod!
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  • Free Pizza Friday with Stevo's Pizza is BACK, and Star 104 wants to put a little more fun in your Friday! CLICK HERE to register for a chance to win!
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On-Air Blogs

  • I've gone through two Fitbits now, and I admit I feel a tad superior sporting mine with my latest pair of LulaRoe's while sipping on a latte. I'm basic, and they are a great motivator to stay in shape. The question is, do I really need to drop 100-something dollars for a cheerleader that can't even accurately count calories burned? (More Info)

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  • Is there anything cuter than a happy grandma? How about a happy grandma-to-be with zero chill after her daughter’s pregnancy announcement? Did I mention this is one of the most creative announcements I’ve ever seen? I’m happy for Grandma and the parents but also super jealous I didn’t think of this myself.
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  • Nope, Nope, and HECK NOPE! Australia certainly has some interesting wildlife, but the Huntsman Spider? Yeah, I’m pretty relieved they are on another continent clear across the world!

    These spiders are large af and basically the stuff of nightmares. There’s a video floating around featuring one of these eight-legged monsters trying to consume a MOUSE whilst dragging it across a fridge door. If this video shows up in my feed one more time, I’m marking it as offensive! LOL! Oh, and the guy who found him named him ‘Hermie.’ How adorable.

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  • And if you love a fun rom-com throwback, one of my faves, 13 Going On 30 returns next month, as well!
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  • Sea lions generally don’t strike me as aggressive, so s/he probably thought she had food or a treat.
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There is a smokin' blonde babe behind this mean-mugging picture ... Can you see past the mushed-up pic to reveal the hot mama underneath?

Jason Momoa gave one hell of a sendoff to his UFC pal Mark Hunt by performing a haka dance ... shirts off, tongues out and all. We're told Mark and Jason struck up a friendship over the last 6 weeks while they were both in Australia -- Mark…

A man is in custody Sunday after allegedly going on a killing spree in Mississippi that left eight people dead ... including one sheriff's deputy.  Lincoln Country Sheriff Steve Rushing says 35-year-old Willie Cory Godbolt was captured and…

Ariana Grande may be fearless -- vowing to return to Manchester after the terrorist attack at her concert -- but she's not foolhardy, because her family home is being guarded by enough security to protect a head of state. Security vehicles were…

Scott Disick may have decided Bella Thorne was actually too old, because now he's hanging with an 18-year-old. Scott was cruisin' the South of France on a yacht with Sofia Richie this weekend. They were super flirty, as he lifted and carted…

Scott Disick is going to have a problem if he wants to see his kids, because we're told Kourtney won't let him near them until he cleans up his act. Sources close to Scott and Kourtney tell us he is off the rails again ... abusing alcohol and other…

Miranda Kerr wanted to do more than tell Evan Spiegel on their wedding day that he was the one ... she wanted to sing it. We were there Saturday when the supermodel and the billionaire tied the knot at their Brentwood home ... well, we were…

Gregg Allman was sidelined from performing for months before his death Saturday, and these are photos of his last stage performance 2 days before Halloween. Gregg performed with Billy Gibbons at the Laid Back Festival in Atlanta on October 29, 2016.…